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Board of Directors

Edward Klobucher - President

Hazel Park City Manager, Edward Klobucher, is a lifelong resident of Hazel Park. He was appointed City Manager in February of 2002 in the midst of a grave municipal budget crisis and managed to keep Hazel Park out of state control for over a dozen years. Currently, he is Hazel Park's longest serving City Manager and one of the longest serving in Oakland County. He is a co-founder of Land CURE and has served as Board President since Land CURE's inception.

Michael Webb - Vice-Chairman

Councilman Michael Webb has served on the Hazel Park City Council since 2001. Prior to his service on the council he served as a Planning Commissioner for several terms, and he continues to serve on the Memorial Day Committee. Professionally, Mr. Webb is the owner of Taylor Auto Maintenance, located on John R Rd. in Hazel Park.

John McCann - Secretary

Mr. McCann is an architect, designer and manager of houses and businesses in the Metro Detroit area. His company is called Designstruct and his offices are located on John R in Hazel Park. He has appeared before Hazel Park's Planning Commission on numerous occasions and brings invaluable experience in regards to business acumen and design.

Tom Jones - Treasurer

Mr. Jones is the foreman of Hazel Park's Department of Public Works. He is a lifelong Hazel Park resident with incredible knowledge of the City housing stock. In addition, he serves as one of Hazel Park’s delegates to the Southeast Oakland Resource Recovery Authority.

James McAskin - Director

Mr. McAskin is a partner at the law firm of Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco PLLC and provides additional legal insight to the Land CURE Board of Directors.